A blog post by UrbanStat Team.

January 2016 was an important month for UrbanStat.

We’ve joined an international program called ITUGATE. The program aimed to find technology companies that could grow into the US market and take them to Chicago & San Francisco to meet potential customers and investors.

As we progressed through the program we’ve realized that UrbanStat’s internationalization wasn’t an option but a necessity.

A year after, in January 2017, we’ve started talking to Tarik Yildirim. We’ve spent days together, talking about the product, market, our challenges and opportunities. UrbanStat is a hard-to-understand product. It consists of algorithms, software components, data models and very specific business processes. Its complexity and numbers of problems it solves are quite high. That’s why, unlike many other investors, Tarik¬†knew he had to spend time with us.

Fast forward to a couple of months later, we are now happy to announce that Tarik Yildirim has invested in our company and joined our board. 2017 will be a year that we will improve our product, gain new happy customers both at home and in the USA. Most importantly it’ll be a new year that we will face even more challenging problems. We are working on one of the hardest problems (low profitability) of the insurance industry and we are confident that we are the right team.

We, as a team, are really happy that Tarik has joined our ranks. We’re sure that with his help as an investor, a board member, and part-time co-founder, UrbanStat will achieve its goals to grow faster & conquer new markets.

UrbanStat Team