We help you identify the areas that you need to grow your market share

You can use our fully automated service or run your own analysis to identify the areas that you are lagging behind the market which also would be profitable for you to write new businesses (e.g. areas that have low wildfire risk, properties that were never hit by any storm, neighborhoods with lowest crime rates).

We identify the individual properties that you should go after

Once you know that you want to grow your business in a specific region, we automatically identify properties that match your criteria and provide you mailing address and other contact information so you can start planning your marketing activities.

Go after your leads that are more likely to be bound either directly or through your agents

Once you decide which properties you are going to go after, you either send those leads to the brokers that are more likely to bind or go after them yourself. Either way, we will give you insights about your likelihood of closing for each property based on your and your brokers historical performance, so you can focus on the properties that you will bind policies more easily.

Take the control back from the market and reduce operational expenditures significantly by focusing on the customers you want

  • We support both residential and commercial: We’ll support your needs on all lines that are non-auto. If you are an auto-carrier, contact us and let’s talk about how we can work with you to implement a custom solution for you.
  • Access via an integrated platform or receive periodical reports as a service: We understand that every carrier is in a different phase of their IT transformation journey. UrbanStat is flexible in providing its services either via fully automated/integrated software platform or manually carried professional services. The choice is yours.

You have more customers than your aggregation policy allows.
Your market share in this area is 50% less than your average market share in this state, however, this area has been flooded twice in last 20 years.
Your market share in this area is 80% less than your average market share in this state and there are over 100 residential properties within your risk appetite.