At UrbanStat, we value the security of your data as much as we value our own proprietary data and algorithms. This is why we have policies and controls in compliance with SOC 2 Type I and we are in the process of receiving SOC 2 Type II. This page is aimed to provide you a simple overview of our information security policy, please contact us to request access to our full security audit report provided by Vanta and our independent auditor.

Under Privacy and Security, we have implemented processes and controls for following topics:

  • Access control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls / VPN
  • Intrusion detection

Under Availability, we have implemented processes and controls for following topics:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security incident handling

Minimum Amount of PII

UrbanStat platform doesn’t require most types of personally identifiable information to function. E.g. we don’t need SSN, name, gender, sex, age, socioeconomic background etc. The only data that might be classified as PII would be the address of the policy. Even then, we are not interested in unit / suite numbers.

If for some reason, you want to use PII other than the address, we can still import that data to our platform with the exception of SSN.

Close to Zero Paperwork

Unless required by the federal or local law, we do not print any documents, data sheets, presentations etc. All our documents live on cloud accessible only via 2FA. The data is only shared digitally with our engineers on a need to know basis.

Background Checks

All of our employees and contractors go through background checks prior to the start of the employment. They also sign NDAs and IP Protection contracts prior to their employments.