Our story

UrbanStat was founded in 2014 by Nilgun Dag and Anil Celik in Istanbul, Turkey. Co-founders previously worked in another startup together using computer science, machine-learning, and geospatial analytics to help large enterprises optimize their operations. As they’ve decided to start a new company, they were drawn into insurance industry pretty quickly and started building the UrbanStat platform, a full-suite underwriting management and automation solutions, for property insurance companies.

In 2017, the partners decided to expand to the North American market and have reincorporated Urbanstat, Inc in the US. As part of this expansion, Tarik Yildirim, via Mjolk BV, has invested $500,000 and became part of the board.

UrbanStat has since analyzed millions of properties for a dozen different insurance carriers in 3 different continents. UrbanStat’s data library has over 25 location based data points for every address in over 35 different countries, becoming one of the largest location based data providers for the global insurance industry.

We are pioneers on the journey of making underwriting more evidence based and transforming the way insurers underwrite their customers and manage their exposure.