Our team follows lean principles in order to deliver solutions that actually help your challenges. All of them come in a simple & intuitive design with strong technology.

Geographically Intelligent

We add a new dimension to your data. Using our GIS technologies, you can run scientifically proven spatial analytic methods to measure your risk a lot better & faster.

Up to Date

We follow the latest trends and technologies in software development. While you focus on your real job, we make sure that you have the right technology.

Fast & Flexible

In order to provide you a better, faster and more secure service, we maintain our products on a cloud. Cloud gives you flexibility and cost efficiency.


We believe perfection is hidden behind simplicity. In order to reach perfection, we do our best to keep our interfaces simple and flat. Fast and intuitive user interfaces mean that you don’t need user manuals or training sessions.


We are not just a technology vendor. We are your team member. As soon as you start working with us, you will be part of a continuous development. There are no surprises in our approach as you are fully informed bi-weekly.


Good-bye is a word we hate to say. We analyze usage statistics and hold monthly meetings with our clients in order to understand future requirements. We believe that software products are living beings and they need continuous attention to grow.

Available Integrations