Nilgun Celik, CTO

She holds a BSc. & MSc. Degree in Computer Engineering from METU. During her MSc. studies she has worked on pattern recognition in robotics and published multiple articles on the topic.

She is a board member & co-founder of UrbanStat

Anil Celik, CEO

He holds a BSc. Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from YTU. During his BSc. studies he has focused on Geographical Information Systems. Since junior year in college, he has been working in enterprise decision analytics industry as a Product Manager.

He is a board member & co-founder of UrbanStat.

Tarik Yildirim, Advisor

He holds a BA Degree in Math from Harvard and MSc. Degree in Economics from Oxford. Apart from being an investor & entrepreneur, he is working on his PhD on Category Theory at University of Capetown.

He is a board member & investor of UrbanStat.

Sule Senturk Bilgi, Advisor

She holds a BSc. Degree in Labor Economics & Industrial Relations from DEU and MSc. Degree in Engineering Business Management from University of Warwick. She has extensive experience in Industrial R&D, Product Design, Prototyping and Tender Management.

She is an advisor to UrbanStat.