Local knowledge at your fingertips

Our technology helps insurers select the best risks at the right time, instantly lowers their costs with incredible efficiency and most importantly makes them more profitable from day one with machine learning.

Latest advancements in GIS & Machine Learning empowered with your expertise. A single API that impacts your company every second.

  1. Customer applies for an insurance policy, our engine runs more than 30 different analysis within 1 second.
  2. We feed the core underwriting system with our results.
  3. Customer gets a quote.
  4. If customer accepts the quote,
  5. then core policy system feeds our engine.
  6. If customer files a claim,
  7. then core claims system feeds our engine.
  8. Customer applies for renewal.

A lot happens in 1 second.

  • We convert the address of the customer into geographic coordinates,
  • Analyze those coordinates against multiple hazard maps (flood, storm, earthquake, hurricane etc.),
  • Run customer concentration analysis for all perils,
  • Calculate probable maximum loss for the region,
  • Check your exceptions, event limits & business rules,
  • Bring in real-time & forecasted weather events,
  • Calculate the probability of claims.

It is not just an API.

While our analytic API automate your decision-making processes, our user interfaces help you bring in your technical expertise to our analytic core. Do you have an intelligence? Change your underwriting strategy under 10 seconds. No development, no down time.

Ability to unlock complex patterns

The relationship between claims & customer attributes is a lot more complex than If/Then rules. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms enable us to predict the high-risk individual customers at the time of underwriting.

National analysis within seconds

Millions of customers to analyze? Our reporting engine is blazing fast. Analyze any data in national scale within seconds. Share your report with your colleagues or download it for further analysis.

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