While solving complex geospatial and logistical problems in other industries, we saw that the insurance space has vast data deposits, meticulous processes, and specific pain-points. Yet, after speaking with several CXO’s, we discovered that there was not a comprehensive solution that appropriately empowered decision makers in insurance with today’s latest technologies. So, in 2014, we started to work closely with insurance companies and built a full-suite solution specifically for underwriting experts utilizing their procedural and mental assets in unison with our advanced data analysis & machine learning techniques. 


Anil Celik

CEO & Co–founder

Anil holds a BSc. Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from YTU. During his BSc. studies Anil has focused on Geographical Information Sciences.

Anil has extensive large-scale analytic experience leveraging machine learning techniques for spatial analytics, forecasting, and optimization applications.

Nilgun Celik

CTO & Co–founder

Nilgun holds a BSc. & MSc. Degree in Computer Engineering from METU. Nilgun has high proficiency with machine learning and pattern recognition in robotics with several published articles.

Nilgun also has extensive experience building algorithmic based rule engines in finance and forecasting applications.

Tarik Yildirim

Chief Strategy Officer & Investor

Tarik holds a BA Degree in Math from Harvard and MSc. Degree in Economics from Oxford. After graduation, he has worked in Yildirim Holding, and started his PhD on Category Theory.

He is also an investor to Seven Bridges Genomics where he holds the position of Executive Chairman.

Thomas R. Gubash

Product Marketing Manager

Thomas started his career as an Underwriting intern in Country Financial. He has worked as Reinsurance Broker for over 2 years in AON. He was promoted to AVP in Underwriting in both American Agricultural Insurance Company and Renaissance Re.

He holds professional titles including Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Associate in Reinsurance, and Associate in Risk Management.

Esma Danaci

Lead Software Engineer

Esma holds a BSc. Degree in Computer Engineering from METU, MSc study at Marmara University continues.She is experienced in back-end development for over 9 years, worked as R&D engineer, and has lead software development teams.She developed enterprise software that managed banks and built smart city applications which helped governments manage cities.

Oncu Kayalar

Sr. Data Scientist

Oncu has worked as Researcher in The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey, worked on simulation statistics and analysis of random systems and published a paper on the topic. After working in different industries including pharmaceuticals and utilities, he has started working as a Data Scientist in different technology companies in Turkey.

His most recent work focused on developing a machine learning model for daily/weekly/monthly prediction of stock returns for European Markets.

Fatma Sen

GIS Product Manager

Fatma has worked as GIS Analyst and Product Manager in public and private organizations including technology startups and local municipalities. She helped telco operators to identify problematic areas analyzing customer complaints using location based algorithms and worked on smart city applications to help governments manage their cities more efficiently.

Fatih Ozturk

Data Scientist

Fatih holds a BSc. Degree in Industrial Engineering from Boğaziçi University. During the BSc. studies Fatih has focused on statistical forecasting and data mining. Fatih has experience in building gradient boosted decision tree algorithms and neural nets.