While solving complex geospatial and logistical problems in other industries, we saw that the insurance space has vast data deposits, meticulous processes, and specific pain-points. Yet, after speaking with several CXO’s, we discovered that there was not a comprehensive solution that appropriately empowered decision makers in insurance with today’s latest technologies. So, in 2014, we started to work closely with insurance companies and built a full-suite solution specifically for underwriting experts utilizing their procedural and mental assets in unison with our advanced data analysis & machine learning techniques. 


Anil Celik

CEO & Co–founder

Anil holds a BSc. Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from YTU. During his BSc. studies Anil has focused on Geographical Information Sciences.

Anil has extensive large-scale analytic experience leveraging machine learning techniques for spatial analytics, forecasting, and optimization applications.

Nilgun Celik

CTO & Co–founder

Nilgun holds a BSc. & MSc. Degree in Computer Engineering from METU. Nilgun has high proficiency with machine learning and pattern recognition in robotics with several published articles.

Nilgun also has extensive experience building algorithmic based rule engines in finance and forecasting applications.

Matthew Carstens

Director of Sales

Matthew Co-founded an OTC brokerage firm, EQLX, was the Director of FX at Mirus Futures, and was the Regional Sales Manager at GFT Markets.

Matthew also has a patent relating to behavioral risk which was awarded “10 Most Innovative Financial Companies” by Finance Magnates.

Tarik Yildirim

Investor & Advisor

Tarik holds a BA Degree in Math from Harvard and MSc. Degree in Economics from Oxford.

Apart from being an investor & entrepreneur, Tarik is working on his Ph.D. in Category Theory at the University of Capetown.

Sule Senturk Bilgi


Sule holds a BSc. Degree in Labor Economics & Industrial Relations from DEU and MSc. Degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick.

Sule has extensive experience in Industrial R&D, Product Design, Prototyping and Tender Management.